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I decided to start this blog to record my experiences and express myself, to give information and support to others, and to receive information and support from others. Please understand that although this blog is public, my husband and I plan to keep it anonymous. Please feel free to leave comments or ask any questions. I hope you will share this journey with us!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BFP! 2WW details

Here's a very detailed account of my BFP cycle and symptoms:

Follicular phase:
This cycle, #8, I forgot to start my clomid on CD 3. I awoke at 3AM that night, (technically CD 4), and took it. I only had mild hotflashes and vivid dreams for two days the week after finishing the clomid doses. This month, instead of having ovarian pains all month until ovulation, I had breast tenderness the whole week before O, which is unusual for me, that was certainly the clomid.

Luteal phase:
I became tired in the days that followed ovulation, 1 and 2 DPO, a sure sign of rising progesterone, and my temps were shooting through the roof.

My first suspicious symptoms began at 5 DPO, breast tenderness and constipation, that day only.

At 6 DPO I believe I had my 2nd estrogen surge, evidenced by a drop in my temps, feeling colder, continued creamy CM, and poor sleep.

The nights of 6, 7 and 9 DPO, I suffered with insomnia. I had never paid enough attention to really know if this was a part of my monthly cycle or not, although I don't usually get insomnia like that. In fact, I believed the insomnia was a sign I was not pregnant because my progesterone levels must have dropped in order for me not to be tired. I awoke all through the night. Early morning of 7 DPO, like 2AM, I awoke and felt extreme nausea, like I was going to hurl at any minute, then my sense of smell became extremely sensitive and I could smell the food on my cat's breath from several feet away! My cat then cuddled with me and his normal cat smell was very strong. Another night I was literally awake from 2AM onwards. That was honestly a horrible night for me because I could not turn off my mind, and I didn't think I was pregnant, so I was having all these depressing thoughts about what if I never get pregnant, and I was literally pleading with God to help me get pregnant, after my husband got up, I cried in bed.

This 2WW I had nasal stuffiness the whole time, and the second week it seemed to progress into a strange "cold," but I didn't feel bad. At 10 and 11 DPO I started sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose all the time. I don't usually get sick, so that made me suspicious.

My CM was creamy almost the whole 2WW, beginning at 4 DPO, but that is fairly usual for me. Apparently that is a very common pregnancy symptom.

I was also feeling hot most of the 2WW, and noticed my face was flushed, particularly very pink cheeks starting around 9-10 DPO.

I got a mild acne breakout at 10 DPO.

I became emotional starting at 11 DPO and that continues.

I also had very very mild nausea and headache the entire 2WW, I would rate them a 1/10, at the most 2/10, so I couldn't be sure if that was what I was even feeling.

I might have had some abdominal sensations, but they were so non-descript and fleeting that I never took note of them. I did have some ovarian sensations, but also never noted when those occurred.

I took an HPT at 12 DPO with FMU, and got a very very very faint second line. The control line showed up immediately, very dark, so I almost threw the test away, thinking, "it's negative, it's too early to test." I'm so glad I watched it because within a few minutes (within the reaction time) I could begin to discern something and tried to figure out if it was an evap line or my eyes playing tricks on me.

Another HPT at 13 DPO with FMU was faintly positive, darker than the previous test. Yay! This is the first time I've ever had two positive tests!

At 14 DPO with FMU I took a Fact Plus test, when it is positive it will show a "plus" sign. I figured this would be easier for people to read when I tell them. Pictured below are the three tests, the result lines dried darker on the top two, and lighter on the plus test.

This 2WW I did not feel like I did when I had the chemical. I did not have any belly-button sensations at 7 DPO, or twinges all around my abdomen, or even allow myself to "feel" pregnant. I knew the clomid would make me think I was pregnant, so every symptom I got I attributed to clomid. I would get suspicious and think maybe I was pregnant, but I was also telling myself I wasn't just as much if not more so! In a weird way, I think that helped me to relax. I refused to get my hopes up and tried to go about my daily business as best I could.

Although I will say that entering my data into Fertility Friend every day was like a rollercoaster. Temps would go up, my mood would go up, temps down, mood down. And this being my first month of using the website I had the free, initial, VIP status. They have this application called the "Pregnancy Monitor," and a section in it called "Early Pregnancy Signs." Early Pregnancy Signs is on a scale from 0-100 points, the more points, the more likely you are to be pregnant. Those points would rise and fall throughout my 2WW, and that would get my hopes up as the points rose, and hopes down as the points fell. There is an "Intercourse Timing Analyzer" which rated us "High" this month. I also used the VIP Questions Board. I got an in-depth reply from a real woman within a few hours of posting my chart and my questions, she gave me such helpful feedback!! I love VIP status and could see it being very helpful each cycle, and would highly recommend getting it at least for a few cycles, because the information they give is priceless!
Link to my BFP chart.


  1. I have just came across your blog! Thanks for your post. It is nice getting to read someones experiance with clomid and ttc journey. I will be starting my first round of clomid soon. Keeping our fingers crossed. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  2. Good luck to you, hon! Let me know if you have any questions about anything. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Very up lifting story, i do have a little boy through IVF and desperatly want more. Just failed IVF.....we are going to stay positive and focused and try natural(so hard)

  4. Michaela,
    Thanks for your feedback! That's awesome you've got a little boy! I'm sorry to hear about the failed IVF cycle, but staying positive is the best thing you can do - good luck!

  5. Hello, i know that you are now taking time to enjoy the little one, and I am so happy that you are getting to experience it. I noticed that you said you was on FF charting and I wondered if we had ever spoke in chat before.

    My username was HeyHey